Prophecy – September 12th

September 12th          Sally’s Word

This morning God showed me a forest and as I watched a storm broke out – Thunder, lightning and drenching rain and I sensed Him saying “Come, walk with me!” and I believe He has a message for us today and He says ….

“In a closely – Knit body there is protection from the storms of life which relentlessly beat against you! There is provision for physical needs as you lean into the family of my choosing, and humble yourself to receive in your hour of need. There is the canopy of prayer which causes you to be covered, and the fiery darts of the evil one does not penetrate. It is dry under foot because my Holy Spirit lead you along paths of righteousness, which cause you to be safe and without compromise! There is nourishment for your soul as Godly relationships are formed and you walk together in unity and love with the members of the closely-knit family. Take refuge from the storms and choose my way! Nestle into the closely knit family of God and find rest for your souls!”

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