Prophecy – September 5th

September 5th            Sally’s Word

This morning God reminded me of watching dolphins swimming at the coast – they swim together in fellowship, and I believe God has a message for us today and He says …

“My desire is that you flow as one, that you swim together in unity! Your love for one another witnesses to my presence! You are able to swim upstream, when you swim together – you resist the temptations of the evil one when you are accountable to one another. Family is my plan – you are placed in families, and thrive, when you are in a functional family. If you find yourself on the periphery and out of fellowship, endeavor to enter in at every level and find yourself in fellowship – it is there that wholeness and faithfulness is found and worked out! Love one another, seek one another, help one another, fight for one another, carry one another’s burdens and see if your unity does not command a blessing! – It is in unity that my presence is manifest!”

September 5th            Amanda’s Word

I am bringing a healing to the body of Christ, not just a physical healing but a healing of the heart, a healing of the soul, a healing of our spirits, I am coming back for a spotless bride, but also a bride that has a whole heart and a spirit free from hurt and bitterness, a heart totally surrendered to the love of God. Get into a place of surrender to me, so that i can do the healing

September 5th            Bev’s Word

We are told to speak to each other in Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs so this is from Psalm 33:5 The Lord loves what is righteous, and just his constant love fills the earth. Vs 18 the Lord watches over those who obey him those who trust in his constant love, Vs 22 may your constant love be with us Lord as we put our hope in you.

September 5th            Sabrinah’s Word

Two words while I was sitting there, actually three. The one is that the Lord gives us a free will, and everything we do is a choice we make their choice he never forces it upon us and we can hear that the Lord loves us so we can hear that he has blessings for us we can hear that here’s all these things for us but we need to receive it we need to receive it and I just had a picture of this really hard parched ground and you can pour water on that ground but it doesn’t penetrate so I just want to pray for the into this that hearts have grown hard Lord due to the circumstances or the difficulty to be going through father and me not even a place to to receive what you trying to say to us because we don’t have the capacity for it for them but you come and heal us Lord would you come and touch us in their place we’ve hardened our hearts we repent we’ve hardened our hearts toward you we ask you to forgive us I ask you Lord she would pour out your spirit which shoes today to receive and love we choose to receive you would and if you think you have for us in Jesus name I pray

September 5th            Ivan’s Word

Good morning family, for you that are seated here this morning and for those that I have connected at home, I’d really just felt, I need to tell you that the Lord loves you – He really, really loves you dearly and it’s not by chance that you have connected this morning, It is not by chance that you’re here this morning, BUT I have two words and I believe it’s for two individual people here this morning, hear or maybe you’re at home and I just pray that as Franco ministers his word today, that healing would take place concerning these two words and much more. I saw this Boat deep, deep within the ocean, and when I looked at it, it was broken the sails were gone, the Masks were broken, and this boat was being tossed around by the waves, and it couldn’t get back anymore but I see that the Holy Spirit began to blow upon this boat,  and as he was bringing it back into port the precious Holy Spirit was beginning to do healing within your life and healing was beginning to take place and I pray that through the word this morning that, that would happen this morning. If this, is you, that you would come forward this morning, that the Lord would minister to you? I also saw this island – that this island was an island unto itself – and I saw that this island was barren and Jesus saying to you today – connect with me and connect with the body of Christ – you’re not an island unto yourself but come to me and connect with me and connect with the body of Christ and I will restore, and I will refresh and make you new! Amen

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