Youth Group

Our Faithline Youth Group is a Christian Based Ministry for all grade 8 to 12 students.

The name of our Youth Group was birthed by the 2017 group.

The dictionary definition of ‘faith’ is ‘a complete confidence in someone or something’.  As young people today we have come together and trust the Lord with the obstacles and challenges that we face as the younger generation.  As with a bloodline we belong to a family.  Faithline means we trust our peers and leaders as family.  We are accountable to each other, kind to each other and thoroughly enjoy each other’s company – just like a family.  To some of us, this group is our only outlet and the special bond we share makes us united as a family should be.  We intend to surround ourselves with people who build each other up and encourage us to live out God’s plan for our lives.

We meet in our Youth Room / Upper room on Sundays Afternoons at 5pm – 7pm.  We share great teachings, enjoy games together, worship our Father and coffee and tea is always available.

We share our lives through socials, camps, concerts, movies, outreaches and much more.

If you would like to know more, please send a mail to