Church on the Way has a leadership culture and value system which focuses on raising and releasing leaders across all levels of ministry.  These leadership objectives includes preaching the Gospel of Christ, teaching His people about God the Father’s ways and equipping His people for works of service.


Our Eldership team consists of Mark and Nicky Goodfellow, Arthur and Judy De Swardt, Ivan and Lynn Grobler, Franco and Eve van Lingen and Craig and Thora Haefliger.

Mark & Nicky Goodfellow

Arthur & Judy DeSwart

Craig & Thora Haefliger

Quentin & Reinet Daffarn

Ivan & Lynn Grobler

Bradley & Eloise Grobler


Our deacons are serving, caring and working in the various aspects of ministry and church life.   This team forms a strong foundation at Church on the Way, and is a fundamental part of the caring and support structure for the family.