Prophecy – October 17th

October 17TH                     Sally’s Word

In a vision I heard a train whistle as it was about to leave the station and I sensed God saying ….

“My people are you ready? Are you ready to leave all and embark when I call you? Are you ready to treat my call with urgency or are you scrambling around to quickly gather up your goods while that train starts moving? I have much to say and many plans for this body but are you listening and giving me your rapt attention? A moment missed is one gone forever – are you allowing your neighbor, your acquaintance and perhaps even your family to go to a Christ-less eternity because you were not prepared to be inconvenienced over were reluctant to share the importance of knowing me? Was the cost too great? Are you building bigger barns to store your goods? Do you not know that your life may be demanded from you this day – then who will get what you’ve prepared for yourself – Spread your bread on the water and live for me”

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