Prophecy – October 10th

October 10TH                     Sally’s Word

This morning God gave me a vision of a plate of food on a banqueting table. A portion had been eaten and the knife and fork were on the plate. Someone had left without finishing the food … and I believe he is saying to one or several here, or someone online.

“You have withdrawn without completing the course set before you – your heart has become hardened and you are disenchanted with me and the spiritual family, I have set you in! I weep over you, as I did over Jerusalem and I long to draw you back into the fold – you are wondering and without direction. Repent and return to the feast I have for you! Allow me to seat you in your rightful place; and place the table napkin on your lap … an encourage you to complete the meal I set before you. There is nothing that will satisfy you, outside of me, though you look far and wide!! Repent, return and be restored to the role I have chosen for you – the role that only you can fulfill.”

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