Prophecy – October 24th

October 24TH                     Sally’s Word

This morning I had a vision of ‘David bringing the Arch into the city of Jerusalem – he danced and worshipped and sacrificed at every step – and I believe God is saying to us ….

“Be still and know that I am God – I established this place of worship and brought you in from the highways and the byways – to make this your spiritual home your place of rest and refreshment your place of experiencing my family, rejoice and sing praises and lay aside all those things that would want to occupy your space and crowd Me out. Worship with freedom and dance before me as David did – experience my presence as I move in this place, bring the sick and suffering, those in want and lay them at my feet. I’m here to open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing – too much to contain – open your mouths and I will fill them … Thank you Jesus”

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