Prophecy – December 5th

December 5th                           Sally’s Word

In a vision this morning God showed a picture of sheep and cattle moving towards a place of safety at the end of a day the shepherd or the sheep dog Would round them up and herd them into a place of safety where they would be safe from marauding animals or theft and I believe he is saying to us …..

“My people you are drawing close to the end of a year and look forward to change of routine, vacation and rest. Keep your eyes on me your shepherd, I am the one who looked out for your safety –  I know the marauding beasts of slothfulness and temptation, the snares of total abandonment to your whims and fancies and my Holy Spirit is with you to give you freedom and rest in me – be guided and watchful as you hear Him say “this is the way, walk ye in it” and you will come through this time of rest with joy, contentment and no regrets. Keep your eyes on the shepherd of your souls.”

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