Prophecy – November 28th

November 28th                         Sally’s Word

This morning I saw the cross and as I contemplated the wonder of it and all that it meant to each one of us, it became the 4 points of the compass. I sense strongly that God is saying to us ….

“My people as you cling to the cross and contemplate the empty tomb a new dynamic is birthed in you. I have plans for you that will prosper you and not harm you – your feet are planted on the narrow way, the ancient way and as you mine out my purposes and plans and adhere to them, you will find a strength and joy that will enable you to put aside temptation and wondering. you will learn to trust me and build a history with me, which will enable you to navigate the tough times and rocky terrain, knowing full well that we have successfully come through such circumstances before, and can do it again the cross and the empty tomb are my total provision for you, and you have “the word” as your blueprint. let us embark!”

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