Prophecy – December 12th

December 12th                         Sally’s Word

This morning God showed me a “race” and I knew Church on the way was one of the participants and as I watched I saw the checkered flag and heard “well done!” and I believe God is saying ….

“ I love this house, you have perceived under trial and shown great fortitude and creativity as you have navigated through the obstacles that have not been of your making! You are the right side up and moving strongly as the year comes to a close – it is time for a pit -stop and a recharge of your batteries! Top up on the oil of the Holy Spirit and be washed in the WORD so that you will be ready for a fast take-off in the new year – download the instructions and map for the way forward as I, your father, presents it to you – do not hang back, there is no place for the tardy and slothful – be refurbished and ready for a fast start, all systems go; waste no time in Dilly dallying, be on the front foot, lean and trimmed down and ready for the race!”



December 12th                         Amanda’s Word

During Worship God showed me a picture of many, many, many, many, many hearts – these hearts like pouring out and Gushing like a damn from heaven upon us and that is his love for us – that’s how much he loves us and I’ve got another picture as well – It’s this Box – this small little box with his blue ribbon around it – and God a saying he cannot be contained – We need to stop containing Him in that little box he is bigger than that box.

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