Prophecy – August 29th

August 29th                     Sally’s Word

In a vision God showed me an apple tree – a small tree laden with large red juicy apples of export quality and He has a message for us today and I believe He is saying …..

“My children, my “called out” ones, you are is those luscious apples, planted in deep rich soil, well-watered and fed from my table and are of export quality – you bear much fruit and I desire to use you to cross-pollinate and increase my harvest of souls – in time many will be exported! You have a accrued a desirable flavor and will be used to enhance the flavor of many – Lay down your lives and surrender your hearts to me, and be ready for “Many suddenlies”. Do not resist my plans, but no my plans are good plans, to give you a future and a hope. Hone your skills and devotion to me and be ready, when I thrust you out of the nest – you will fly! my timing is perfect, and my angels will go before you to prepare the way”

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