Prophecy – 8th August 2021

Prophecy – 8th August 2021 Sally’s Word

As I stirred in the early hours of the morning the Lord spoke so clearly into my spirit and said, “I am betrothed to you” and I know it was a message not only for me, but for our body as well and He says ….

“I am betrothed to you” I have set you aside for myself and for my glory. I have put my ring on your finger, my sandals on your feet, and draped my robe of righteousness about your shoulders – you are mine – and I wait with eager anticipation for the consummation of the ages and the marriage supper of the lamb. You are my hands and feet and need to be about my business, I have none other than you, to spread the good news of the gospel and emulate my life on earth – it is not my desire that any should perish, so work while it is still day and finish my work. Do not let your arms hang limb beside you, but set your faces as flint, and be about my business, I am betrothed to you, you are my bride and the apple of my eye”

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