Prophecy – 15th August 2021

Prophecy – 15th August 2021 Sally’s Word

In a vision the Lord showed me a fire-gate and as I watched logs were added and the fire burned brightly – it crackled and sparks Flew into the night air, and I sensed Him saying ….

“My loved ones that is a picture of the local church – the fire and anointing burns brightly in your corporateness, but tends to die down or die out when left unattended – neglect not the gathering of the Saints – in your togetherness you drive back the darkness and the sparks fly out and ignite the darkness and dispel fear and foreboding – one can put a thousand to flight two will put ten thousand to flight – keep adding to your number, keep the fire- gate in this body alight and alive, burning brightly. Be the light on the hilltop that dispels the fear and foreboding, the light in darkness and the salt of the earth. Build my house and I shall build yours!”

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