Prophecy – 25th July 2021

Prophecy – 25th July 2021 Sally’s Word

I saw packages being sealed for disposal – the threshing floor was being cleared and God reminded me “That the Nightingale sings before the dawn in anticipation of the light” and I sense He is saying ….

“Behold I am doing a new thing, do you not see it? do you not conceive it? Spring follows winter and the dawn follows the night – the old has gone and the new is come – put on your spring raiment and adorn yourselves with garlands of flowers – be not as Lot’s wife who looked back in disobedience and became a pillar of salt but follow me into fullness and glory of what I have for you! Have I not been faithful in fulfilling my promises to you and walking you into your inheritance? You are on a treasure hunt, and we’ll find the Pearl of great prize – Keep your spirit tuned and my spirit and you will not miss the clues!”

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