Prophecy – 23rd August 2021

Prophecy – 23rd August 2021 Sally’s Word

When I waited on God this morning He said “there is dew from heaven” falling in this place today and I believe he is saying to us …..

“Just as Isaac gave Jacob a blessing, so too am I giving you of heavens dew and of the earth’s richness … An abundance of grain and a new wine I am blessing you with a dampness and refreshing of heaven, … I am bringing heaven to earth in this place today – I am anointing you in your physical endeavors … in your workplace and your ability to put bread on your table and to have an abundance out of which you are able to bless others – and I am giving you new wine the wine of the spirit to anoint you with the power my father promised. I am enabling you to live supernaturally, in the natural, and to carry my fragrance with you … and usher in my presence, wherever you are. Arise and receive … my storehouses are full!!”

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