Prophecy – 18th July 2021

Prophecy – 18th July 2021 Sally’s Word

This morning God showed me a bird cage and as I watched the door of the cage was opened and the bird flew out and I believe God spoke to me, and to us today, and he says ….

“ I come to set the captives free and to bring Liberty to the oppressed and my mandate has not changed! Whom the son sets free is free indeed. Just as that bird was never meant to be caged, but to be free to fly and seek its own food – so too are you born to seek ME and find me and live-in freedom. I am renouncing the structures that have kept you bound to fear and uncertainty, you will be like a tent whose ropes are taught and whose stakes are firmly fixed. You will enjoy the spaciousness and pleasant places, your boundary lines have demarcated for you, your will leaf will not wither, but you will flourish besides the streams of living water that I have planned for you! Arise and Shine, shake off the grave clothes and come forth to do my bidding”

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