Prophecy – 11th July 2021

Prophecy – 11th July 2021 Sally’s Word

This morning God reminded me about “The Roof of Africa” – a grueling race through the mountainous terrain of Lesotho – vehicles are adapted and prepared for many months before the race, and only the most adventurous and hardy drivers sign up for it ….  I believe God is saying to us who love Him …..

“My people I’ve prepared you and honed you for the race you are on – you need to be fearless, have your feet firmly planted on the Rock Christ Jesus and set your faces as flint, if you are to be successful – the journey is hazardous and grueling, it is messy and dirty but I have called you forth for such a time as this – you are not unprepared and unschooled. There are markers along the way and you need to be watchful and alert. You will have to strategize and be robust in your thinking and attitude, so that you do not end up, in a dead end, but keep on the road that will bring you through to victory in ME. there are rewards for those who complete the course! Do not be fainthearted!”

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