Prophecy – 20th June 2021

Prophecy – 20th June 2021 Sally’s Word

This morning God gave me a vision of an abandoned beach before dawn – All was still and quiet except for the roar of the sea as the waves rolled in and receded and the odd seagull shrieked – there was peace in the rhythm of the sea and God broke in and said …

“I sit on the urile of the earth and the natural rhythms of my creation are established for all posterity – I am revealed through the consistency of nature – there is no changing with me and your peace and sanity can only be maintained, as you let go of any of your imagined control and lock in with ME, walk with me, know me, and follow my ways! Allow the rhythms of nature to become your rhythms, step away from the self-seeking and the need to control, and pick up on my ways; love and Revere me, love and honor one another and the peace which passes is all understanding will be yours, you will be in a spacious place and will find health in harmony to you being!!”

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