Prophecy – 13th June 2021

Prophecy – 13th June 2021 Sally’s Word

This morning I had a vision of a field of corn being harvested – the Cobs were large and plump – it was a good harvest, pleasing to the one who planted the field and God spoke to my spirit and He says ….

“I am the one who planted this field and called out the workers and I am well pleased with the harvest – you have taken my encouragement and correction to heart and grown spiritually large and plump and have much to share – you delight in my ways. I am the ancient of days and know the good plans I have for you, and you have chosen to walk in the ancient pass and will have rest for your souls … you will experience a supernatural jump of my power and life into your lives. You will live in the “Shalom” or Jesus. If you reject my ways and my ancient paths you will perish for lack of knowledge.”

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