Prayer Guide 19/04/2021 – 25/04/2021

PRAYER GUIDE 19/04/2021 – 25/04/2021


PSALM  97 : 11 – 12

Surely you know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you!

1 Corinthians 3 : 16

Our Ministers

We thank the Lord for everyone He has called into full time ministry. He has given those particular strengths and ability, to deal with people and to help others to grow in in understanding and faith. They read and study to be able to bring a worthwhile message to the people of their church, and to inspire folk in their faithfulness and prayer life. Thank You for all those who bring God’s message to others. They are truly a blessing to us all.


Lord, You call us to gather together regularly to meet to hear the Word, and to pray and study. We are encouraged by those You have appointed to lead in this place and all the churches that are established. Bless those who worship in these places and are faithful to You in whatever You have raised to be honored and followed.

Church Leaders

Bless those who lead in the various gatherings within the church structure. Thank You for Sunday School, Men’s meetings, Women’s meetings, church leaders meetings, and for the many activities that take place in the church structure. Bless all who lead and participate, and regularly pray for the success of these meetings. Bless all who serve and/or lead in the activities of the church.

South Africa

Dear Lord, we pray for our land and people. May Your Hand of help and leadership be upon us, that we might follow Your instruction regarding the running of our land and people? We want to honour You Lord, in all that we do. Bless us as we seek to live according to Your will and way. Bless us Lord, and all the people of our land South Africa.

The Needy

May Your Hand of Help and Healing rest upon t hose we name before You. You know what is required, Lord, and we pray that they may improve and be restored to full health once more. Bless, help and heal all our loved one, Lord, we pray!

Called home to the Lord   Many who have succumbed to Covid and passed away. Praying for family and friends.

In Hospital  

Monday 19 th                             Ephesians 2 : 19 – 22

All are included!   Though Jesus came to the Jewish people first of all, very soon His Word reached out to others. We are all now part of the family of God, with Jesus as our older brother! What a privilege to be included, to be one with our Father God, and Jesus, our brother, and the Holy Spirit as our Comforter. No one is left out – though there are still many across the earth who follow foreign gods. As has been stated, – “At the Name of Jesus, every knee shall bow, and confess Him as Lord of all!” we, as followers of our Lord must do all we can to tell others about Jesus! This is the greatest news that can be brought to others, and we have a part to play in spreading this Good News. Praise God that no one is left out. The Word will be spoken to the whole world – and then the end shall come!

Tuesday 20 th April               Romans 8 : 9 – 11

Christ in me!   There are two forces at work in our lives. The human nature that is in all of us, and the Spirit of God in those who have accepted Christ as their Lord and Saviour! The Spirit is life to us, for He enables us to be one with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!  The Spirit guides our lives and helps us to be faithful in thought, word and deed. We are truly alive in Christ through the Holy Spirit in us, uniting our spirit with His. As we accept the Holy Spirit, our natural spirit and inclinations yields to His leading. We live for Christ, guided by the Spirit in all our deeds and actions. For me to live is Christ! In Him we are one – doing what God has ordained for our lives, in faithfulness and trust. Christ in me ensures that I live to please God in all I think, say, or do! To God be the Glory, now and forever more!!

Wednesday 21 st April            Psalm 54 : 1 – 7

God is my Helper!   No matter what we have to face, we need not fear, for we have the Lord of all always near, to protect and guard us. He helps us through all the trials and difficulties that we face and brings us through to a new tomorrow in His loving care. When we face trials and troubles we need only to call on the Name of the Lord and He will come and be with us in the troubles and help us to find a way through. God is always awake and watchful. He protects us from harm, for He is our Defender and Protector. Trust in the Grace, Mercy and Love of God! His Hand of love is ever by our side, warding off any harm that would come near. Give thanks to our Lord and our God for the help, protection and care that is so readily given. God is my Helper! Thanks be to our Lord and our God!

Thursday 22 nd April             Psalm 50 : 4

God teaches us!   “The sovereign Lord has taught me what to say, so that I can strengthen the weary. Every morning He makes me eager to hear what he is going to teach me!” What a blessing to meet with the Lord, morning by morning. He is always ready and waiting for us to come! He is ready to give us a message for the day, a word that is meaningful to us. God guides our thoughts and our ways. He is always eager to help us know and learn some truth from His Word, or some comment that will guide us in a decision that has to be made. God knows us so well and will always give the right word at the right time. God teaches us day by day to trust in His love and grace. His plans for our lives are perfect in every way. Turn to the Lord while He may be found. He is waiting for us to come in praise and adoration. Blessed is the Lord God Almighty, our Saviour Jesus, and the Holy Spirit!

Friday 23rd  April                  Deuteronomy 4 : 1 – 14

Assemble the people!   God told Moses to assemble the people, for He wanted them to hear what He was to say. Have we waited for the Lord to speak, to tell us what He wants us to do? Has the Word of the Lord touched our lives, so that we desire to hear His will and immediately go forth in obedience to Him? In the assembly of His people God speaks. He wants us to hear His message and for us to obey Him in all things. God is ever faithful and will always care for those what accept Him as their Lord and their Saviour! Gather together to hear the Word of the Lord that He gives to His spokesman. God is our God – Almighty and Beloved – to be honored and revered! Blessed is the name of the Lord, our God! Holy is He and worthy of all the praise we bring. God will meet with us in the assembly of His people. Thanks be to our blessed Triune God!!

Saturday  24 th April             Acts 2 : 1 – 4

Come, Holy Spirit!!   I am sure that as we read this passage in Acts that many are filled with a desire to receive the Holy Spirit, just as the disciples encountered Him.  God’s amazing love for all mankind and His desire for the whole world to be blessed began with this touch of love and power in the Upper Rom. The beginnings of the Christian Chruch touched thousands of lives that day and still continue to this day. On this Pentecost Sunday we come to the Lord seeking His Presence and His touch of the Holy Spirit upon our own lives. We yield ourselves to Jesus, saying “Come,, Lord bless me for service for You”. Jesus touches us and fills us with His Spirit, fitting us with power from on high, consecrated to live and to work for Him – To Glorify His Name, and to speak His Love to others. “Come Holy Spirit, fill me with Power from on high. I belong to Thee, God Almighty, Jesus my Lord, and Holy Spirit of God!!

Sunday  25 th April            

Praise the Lord, all people of the Lord. Raise His holy Name. May He be worshiped, honoured and praised. .He comes to us to worship with us, to draw us near to the heavenly host. Blessed be the Lord God of Hosts. He is worthy of all the praise we can bring. God only Has worth of the Highest honour! We come with humble hearts to bow low and worship Him with joyous adorations!! Blessed is our Lord and worthy of all the love and adoration that we can bring. .Holy is He and worthy of all our praise and thanksgiving,


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19/04/2021 – 25/04/2021

Please check deaths in our large family and let me know about them. I need to put them on the Prayer Letter, Love Ann

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