Prophecy – 16th May 2021

Prophecy – 16th May 2021 Sally’s Word

God has been focusing my attention on the “Fig tree” and today I believe He has a message for us and he says …

“My people, I cursed the fig tree because it did not bear fruit – you are here for such a time as this, a very strategic time! – you have been singled out, handpicked, to bear fruit at this very important time when I am Gathering the nations to myself! Be busy with my commission, not as their rebellious, Disbelieving ones who died in the desert and never entered the promise land – bear fruit, and I shall prune you to bear more fruit – fruit that will last and bring glory to My name! Be those that bud and Blossom and make the most of the time at hand, not slothful and lazy – be those that have a good report and return with evidence of a harvest – bring forth new wine and in so doing you and I, together will bring heaven to Earth”.

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