Prophecy – 25th April 2021

Prophecy – 25th April 2021

25th April 2021                         Sally’s Word

This morning God focused me on the blood, and he is saying to me and to us ….

“The life is in the Blood, … the precious, Sinless and uncontaminated blood – without blood there is no life there is no atonement, no covering! The blood washes whiter than snow, it takes your sin away, as far as the East is from the West. It was shared for your healing, your protection and your provision – you are covered by the blood! When I see you, I see you covered by the blood of Jesus – you are wearing His robe of righteousness. The Blood is there for the Salvation of the Nations – there is no miracle without the blood – the life is in the blood. You enter my throne room with his blood. Take the precious blood of Jesus and speak it and plead it – the gifts of the spirit, healings and miracles will manifest. Have faith in the blood – the life is in the blood – honour the blood revere the blood – it is My life; it quickens and heals.”

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