Prayer Guide 29/3/21 – 4/4/21





PSALM 100 : 5


It is written in the Scriptures that God said “My temple will be called a house of prayer

Matthew  21 : 13


Our Ministers

Bless all those who promote Your Word through full time service. They are faithful in all that they do, spending time preparing a Word to bring to the folk in their church, as well as visiting people who are in need or in hospitals. Bless them for the loving kindness they bring to all people, desiring that those they minister to may grow closer to You, Lord, in every way. Bless all who attend church, eager to hear Your Word and to meet like-minded folk. Thank You for them all.



Thank You Lord God for the place where we gather to hear Your Word that has been prepared, and to interact with other faithful people. You have established Your church, Lord, for people to gather to hear Your message and to be supported in all that they are involved in. thank You for our worship team who encourage us week by week with music that honours You.


Church Leaders

Thank You for all who have stepped forward to give their services in different tasks that are required around the place of worship. Thank You for those who lead Bible Study groups, encouraging others in their Christian walk with God. Bless all who lead in activities that are offered, and work willingly to help others draw nearer to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!.


South Africa

God, bless South Africa and all her people! We bring the men and women who serve in the towns and cities all across our land. They work to provide services to all people, and are diligent in all that they do. Thank You Lord, for water, electricity and the sanitation services too. Thank You for the provision to us all, which gives us safety and light and power to us wherever we are.


The Needy

There are many in need Lord, and we pray for the well-being of those who are in hospitals, or are elderly and rely on help just to get through each day. Bless each one Lord, giving them the loving support that only can come from a loving heart. Bless all who are in need this day, Lord, we pray!


Called home to the Lord   Many who have succumbed to Covid and passed away. Praying for family and friends.


Monday 29 th March                John 17 : 15 – 26

Keep us safe, Lord!   Lord, we thank You for Your care of all of Your own people. All across the world the message of Your abiding love has reached out and touched many lives. You call us to be Your own; to live as You desire, and to love all manner of people just as You do. Teach us day by day Lord, and keep us from harm, through Your love and grace. Lord there are many who speak against our Christian faith, and we pray for them Lord, that they may come to know that they are loved and that You died for them as well. May Your hand of blessing and protection be upon us Lord, as we seek to live in loving harmony with all of mankind! We praise You Lord and thank You that You have shown us how God want wants us to live. May we always honour and serve You in faith and trust!


Tuesday 30 th March               1 John 1 : 1 – 4

Fellowship   We have fellowship with many people, enjoying the exchange of words, ideas and affection. But the greatest fellowship we can have is with our Lord and our God. Through the blessing of the Holy Spirit we can converse with our Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. We come to them, wanting not only to worship them, but to hear from them and be guided by their wise counsel. In our fellowship we have interchange of words and prayers. We can ask what we need answers for, and God speaks to us and implants His thoughts in our minds. People must not think that God does not hear us when we pray. He knows our deepest thoughts and longings, and desires a loving relationship with us as His children! God loves having fellowship with us – His created beings! Give thanks to our Lord and our God for loving fellowship!


Wednesday 31 st March               Galatians 2 : 14

Walk a straight path!   Don’t pretend to be what you are not! Be true to who you are – a child of God. When we are young we are exposed to all sorts of behaviour and have to be selective as to what we take part in! When we met and gave our heart to Jesus, promising to follow His will and way, He came to live in us and show us a new way of living. Jesus lived a true and faithful life and encourages us to follow His example. God gives us the will to do what is right. He fills our hearts and minds with truth, so that if we are encouraged to do something that is not according to His will and way, our minds tell us not to get involved. God always is by our side encouraging us to walk the path He has set before us. His path leads us to Eternity. Live your life in honour of our Lord and Saviour. Give God your best in e very situation.


Thursday 1 st April             Isaiah 8 : 12 – 13

Fear the Lord!   The Lord is Almighty. He is God alone, ruler of all of His creation. We are in awe of His greatness. Look up to the Lord. Worship Him, honour Him, and serve Him with holiness. He is Mighty. God above all. He is able to do all things. Respect and honour the Lord, our God. He rules over all. He is Holy, to be revered and honoured at all times. Don’t do anything that dishonours our Lord and our God. Respect Him, fear Him, and worship Him. He is our Creator God. He made us for His own joy! He watches over us with delight, for He loves His own. Honour the Lord with holy fear! God is Almighty! Blessed Father, Son and Holy Spirit we worship and honour You! We raise You high, so that all of Your Creation can worship, praise and honour Your Holy Name. Blessed is the Lord God Almighty, now and always!


Friday 2 nd April                  1 Corinthians 13 : 1 – 13

Love is Eternal!   When we read this chapter, God impresses on our hearts just how much He loves us! God is Love! He wants every person He created to know of His love. Day by day as we go about our lives, God is watching over us and protecting and guiding us. His love for us is absolute and His watchful care is to ensure our safety from the evils that abound. There is no limit to the love He surrounds us with. It is not a stifling love, but one that enables us to live and grow sustained by His love. God’s love for us, His creation, is limitless and eternal! Yet we don’t know the fullness and extent of His love for us, His creation. We bask in His love. We live successfully in His love. We love others through the love He pours into our hearts. We are made rich through God’s love for us. His love is eternally ours. Praise and thanks to God for His abiding love for us!


Saturday  3 rd April             John 17 : 13

The joy of the Lord!   Jesus wants us to have His joy in our hearts! What does that mean to us? The joy of His love is our strength! The joy that Jesus had comes from God, our Father, and enabled Him to experience all that the world threw at Him, and not be disturbed, for His faith and trust is in God Almighty, His Father, and ours! The joy that Jesus had is one that we too can experience. As we place ourselves wholly in God’s Hands, releasing all our care, worries, sorrow or concerns to Him, He replaces those emotions with a flood of joy and trust in his abiding love. With joy in our hearts we can go forward and face all the difficulties that the world throws at us and not be fazed. Put your hand in the Hand of the Lord and walk into the world with joy –our Saviour is with us. Let joy fill your heart and soul! The Lord is with you – always!


Sunday  4 th April            

Praise the Lord O my soul, let all that is within me praise His Holy Name. We bring our prayers of praise to honour You, O Lord. We thank You for life, love and all that You have given us. We worship and honour You every moment of the day, for Your hand of blessing is with us and protects and cares for us. Thank You for Your loving kindness, for Your teaching of the things of God that we need to learn and take deep into our hearts. Bless You Lord, for watching over us and keeping us safe day by day. We bring our gifts to You O Lord, and thank You for Your generosity toward us. We praise and worship Your holy Name, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Blessed is the Lord Almighty, now and forever more. Amen!



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29/03/2021 – 4/4/2021

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