Prophecy – 21st March 2021

Amanda’s Word

As I prayed this morning, I heard these few lines of the worship song open the eyes of my heart, which were: To see you high and lifted up, standing in the light of your glory Pour out your power and love as we cry holy holy holy I want to see you. I heard this question “Am I high and lifted up in your life?” If I am not, knock down what you have elevated above me. I heard the lord say, I am the pinnacle of your life. One meaning of Pinnacle is, the best or most important part of something Another meaning is, the highest point. Every story has a title or heading, a chapter one and an ending.

Sally’s Word

This morning God gave me two pictures – a prisoner behind bars who has lived a life of sin, been judged and imprisoned! The other a captive – handcuffed, his movement impaired and his life hindered and I believe God has a message for us today and he says ….
“My people there are those who live a life of habitual sin, they are in chains and behind bars. They are tortured by the evil one!- They are prisoners to bitterness hatred and revenge. The captives have believed a lie and not sort the truth, and find they are living a hindered life – They are not enjoying peace and total freedom in their walk with me – they are thwarted, lack hope and become anxious and depressed. today I am calling to you my people, be washed in the blood, forgive all those who have hurt you and put you behind bars – forgive yourself and I shall open prison doors. Those who are captive search for truth, put aside unbelief – believe I love you and my peace which passes all understanding will release you and removed the handcuffs that have hindered and frustrated you. I am here to do a deep work in my people!”

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