Prophecy – 18th April 2021

Prophecy – 18th April 2021

18th April 2021                         Sally’s Word

Last night God showed me a ONE – WAY road sign and I know he had a message for us, and I believe he is saying …

“My children, there is only ONE – WAY to me and that is through my Son – there are no options – there isn’t a “this or that”, Your good works, kindness, encouragement or feeding the poor – it is only by believing in Jesus, His death and Resurrection, by which you will be saved. Draw near and be washed and cleansed by His blood and receive the healing of your body, soul and spirit – surrender the deep, hidden caverns of the soul, those aspects of your life that have been hidden – there are no options – it is all of you for all of me, come with clean hands and a pure heart – all naked and open before me – lay down your life and allow my triumphant entry, to enable you to live a victorious life – a divine exchange will take place – your filthy rags for my robe of righteousness, come! BELIEVE and RECEIVE!”

  1. I believe there is encouragement for someone by the name of Ruth – is she here today? perhaps she is a friend or sister she has a gift of music – I sensed her instrument is the piano and also a beautiful voice – and I believe the lord wants to encourage her to be used in praise and worship.

I believe too that there is healing for arthritis – a body is being crippled and thwarted by arthritis – it is affecting a job situation

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