Prayer Guide 22/3 – 28/3





PSALM 119 : 105


I have told you this so that you will have peace by being united to Me. The world will make you suffer. But be brave! I have defeated the world!

John 16 : 33


Our Ministers

You have called men and women to be pronouncers of Your Word, and they have studied and learnt and waiting for Your help and guidance for the work that they must do. Thank You for their diligence and dedication to bringing Your Word to many people. Assist them in their studies and their preparation of the sermons that they bring to their congregation. Bless each one, Lord, as they serve You to the best of their ability. May they know the support of the congregation they lead. Bless each one, Lord as they serve You as shepherds to people and families in the church.



As we gather together Lord, we are in one accord in worship and service. You have called us to learn from Your Word, the Bible, and to follow Your instructions to live a life dedicated to You in every way. We hear Your Word preached week by week, and join in the activities that encourage us to share of what You have taught us. Thank You for each member of our church Lord, and the encouragement given to all comers. Bless us Lord, as we live each day as Your own.


Church Leaders

You have called men and women to take leadership positions in the church. Many activities are offered, and we thank You for those who have stepped forward to lead. We are all encouraged to join in these extra activities and have enjoyed all that has been offered. Bless those who lead, whether men’s or women’s group or Bible study, or Prayer or Sunday School, or Children’s Church. Many activities are offered, and we thank You for those who spend time and effort to encourage others.


South Africa

We thank You Lord, for our land South Africa, for the beauty of the mountains and the sea and the people all around. You have given us so much Lord, and we thank You for every person in our land. May we join together to worship and follow Your teachings. Bless those in Government, both National and Local, as they meet together to collate the rules and laws that ensure that the land and people are maintained to the highest standards. God, bless South Africa and all her people!


The Needy

We know of many who are in need this day, dear Lord. We bring before You those who are facing illness that they may be able to receive the medical help required. We also pray for the ones who are facing difficulty – either due to home problems, or lack of work, or other issues. May Your hand of help and guidance be with every one we name before You now!


Called home to the Lord   Many who have succumbed to Covid and passed away. Praying for family and friends.


Monday 22 nd March                Isaiah 12 : 1 – 6

God is our Saviour!   In these difficult days it is not easy not to worry. We take precautions, yes, but this illness is like the thief that comes in the night and brings us to our knees. But, praise God, we have a Saviour, who takes care of us day and night. We do not fear the thief that comes by day, or the illness that comes by night. We are safe in the Hands of our Lord and our God. He will send His angels to stand guard outside our homes. He will instruct them to protect us at all times. Give thanks to our loving Lord, who always has our best interests at heart. We need not fear, whether by day or by night, for God Himself is our Protector – our Saviour. Look to the Lord! Seek His face! Give praise and thanks to our blessed God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who cares for us every moment of our lives. In Him we find safety. Give thanks to our God. Praise His Hoy Name for His constant care!


Tuesday 23 rd March               Galatians 4 : 8 – 20

Attitude!   In our relationships with others we often have to have different attitudes to each one. Some folk are gentle and would not react kindly to harsh and stern words. Others can accept forceful preaching and it makes a greater impact than gentle words. For everyone we meet or interact with has a different character and personality, and we need to be aware of what is acceptable to one need not be so for another. Paul had great concern for the Galatian people and felt pain for them. He was intense in his concern for them, longing for the nature of Christ to be formed in them. This is the same for us – we have loving family members who don’t follow the Lord. We pray for them and that the nature of Christ may be born in their heart and that they give themselves totally to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. May their attitudes change through the love of God!!


Wednesday 24 th March               James 4 : 4 – 10

God’s Friend!   Paul writes that our love for the world means that we are God’s enemy. God wants us to be faithful to Him in thought, word and deed, but so often we fail to live up to His standards. We cannot be ‘sometimes’ Christians. We need to be faithful at all times, doing what God has appointed us to do. To be a friend to God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, means that we turn our backs on the pleasures of the world and do what God requires of us. As our Friend God never lets us down. He takes care of us, watching over us and seeing to our every need. All He asks in return is that we be faithful. The song “What a Friend we have in Jesus’ tells us the truth that God sent His Son not only to be our Friend, but our Saviour too. Be a faithful, loyal, loving friend to others through the strength that our Lord gives. God is our Friend!


Thursday 25 th March             1 John 5 : 1 – 5

Overcomers!   With God’s help we can overcome any adversity. We can do this, for love for God enables us to obey His commands. God has enabled v to us? God tells us that whatever happens in the world has no hold on us. We belong to Christ and as such our lives are held with Him in heaven. Our love for God and His love for us gives us serenity. Our faith and trust in Him and our love for Him means we can defeat the world’s call on our lives. Rather we are focussed on God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We belong to Him and He takes care of us at all times. Do not fear the world. We belong to One who have overcome the world, so that we too can be overcomes. Praise God for His kindness and the means to be called children of the Most High God! Praise and bless His holy name!


Friday 26 th March                  Psalm 91 : 1 – 16

Safety!   We are always safe in the presence of the Lord. He cares for us in every situation and protects us from harm from all diseases. His loving arms protect us and He will not allow any disease to come near to harm us. He is ever faithful in His loving care. He is our Protector. He knows what we face and warns us against going where we can be harmed. God is our safety net. Call to the Lord in your time of distress. Tell Him of your troubles and your fears. He understands and calls us to come near to Him, seeking His presence and His caring, all-embracing arms of love. If we make God our Defender, protector and our Guide we can be sure of our safety. God is faithful and true and answers us when we call out to Him in our time of trouble. Seek the Lord. He will come and protect you and keep you safe from all harm. Praise our loving Lord!


Saturday  27 th March             John 17 : 1 – 28

In the gap!   Jesus stands in the gap between man and God. He is the One who takes all our burdens on His shoulders and carries them in place of our having to do so. He is the One who comes to us in our time of need and says, “Give Me your burden, I will carry it for you!” he is willing to do it all for us. Come to the Lord and give your troubles, your trials and your burdens to Him. He will take them form your shoulders, so that you can carry on with life without that burden. Jesus will help us in our living. No matter what we do, bring it to the Lord, for He will help. That is why He came to live among us, and Eh cares for each one of us. His loving arms bring comfort in our trials, trust the Lord our God and give your worries and concerns to Him. He wills stand in the gap for us. He will carry all your burdens so you can walk bravely into each day!


Sunday 28 th March             

We come Lord, to worship and praise You Name. You call us to come to sit at Your feet, and to hear Your words of love and teaching. We thank You for Your loving care of us all, and for the way You teach us of God’s love and grace. What a privilege to be called children of God. We are blesse far beyond all that we could expect. We are thankful that You called us to belong to You and through Your touch of love we are changed and come into a loving relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Guide us Lord, day by day and teach us the truths you want us to live by. We belong to You and each day we desire Your presence and Your touch. Blessed is Your Name, O Lord. We worship You Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord, O my soul.



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