Prophecy – 14th March 2021

Amanda’s Word

As I sought God this morning, I heard the word “Sacrifice” This is a weighty word and I know I fall short of what it means. To die in order to help someone else Offering something precious Surrendering something for the sake of something else This dropped into my spirit Jesus gave up what he had with the father to come here so that he could give up what he had for us, to return us to the father. Are we willing to give up what we have and what we want and our plans for what God has, what He wants and His plans for us?

Sally’s Word

This morning I had a vision of a basket and in it was a loaf of fish bread wrapped in a white linen napkin and I sense God calling, as he did to Abraham in the garden, in the cool of the evening “Adam, where are you?
“ I have given you my Son – He is the bread of life – He comes in purity and righteousness – partake of Him. I am calling to you … I have present myself here – I am El Shaddai the God of plenty. the all-sufficient one and I am here to meet every need – to mend and suture the broken hearted, to heal the broken bodies – gather and receive My anointing for more of me, to be baptized in joy and laughter, to partake of the completeness of my Son – you have not, because you
ask not – I desire to bless, refresh and anoint – to enable and equip – lay down your pride and apprehension and draw near … fold-back the napkin and partake of the fresh bread!”

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