Prophecy – 11th April 2021

Prophecy – 11th April 2021

11th April 2021                         Sally’s Word

God gave me a glimpse of a very beautiful garden and a sense of “completeness” come over me and I sensed He had a message for us today and believe He says ….

“My people, it was a garden I chose when I brought Adam forth and it provided for his every need – there was complete  for him in the soil and the vegetation, and Communion with Me – everything he needed was there – and it is so, when a choice is left to me – when you step aside and let me choose it will be what you need and that moment – if you are here by my choice, all you need is here – My resources, gifts and talents lie within this body to enable you to grow and flourish in the spirit world – do not look over the fence but grow here in your garden of Eden. I am here and you are resource with initiative, you are pioneering in business, creativity, health concerns and emotional wellness – and in spiritual growth – you will find your completeness here in ME and we will Pioneer together into signs, wonders and miracles – lay down your agenda and wade deep into what I have for you – let go of old patterns and securities, and free-fall into my plans and purposes”.

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