Daily Devotion 4 March 2021

Scripture Reading: Hosea 14:2

Return to the Lord, and let this prayer be your offering to Him: “Forgive all our sins and accept our prayer, and we will praise You

as we have promised.”

Forgive All Our Sins

To “trespass” means to go where we have no right to go. We are to ask God to forgive our sins, and we must also forgive those who have sinned against us. To each of us this is no easy task. We so often forget where we have trespassed, brushing it off as not important, yet are not ready to forgive what others have done to us. Why did Jesus include this phrase as He taught His disciples how to pray? He knew that if we held unforgiveness in our hearts we would not be able to come before God and receive the forgiveness God longs to give His own. Let God show us what needs to be forgiven when others trespass against us, so that we

can be forgiven too. Don’t hold unforgiveness in your heart!

Lord, I have often gone where I should not have gone and have had wrong attitudes toward others. Cleanse my heart, O Lord, and enable me to walk in Your footsteps once more, forgiven and forgiving. Amen.

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