Prophecy – 4th April 2021

Prophecy – 4th April 2021

Sally’s Word

In a dream in the early hours of this morning, God showed me a beautiful, formed tunnel through a mountain – and I knew immediately that He had a message for us today and He says …

“My beloved, just as that tunnel gives access to what is beyond! … so too does the sacrifice of my Son and the shedding of His blood give access to you, of all He is … when you believe and receive His sacrifice and make Him Lord of your life you have access to forgiveness of sins, protection, provision, healing from sickness – His light shines in your darkness He is the gate to heaven and eternal life – there is a divine exchange, all of you for Him and all of Him for you, You flow as ONE and cannot be separated… just as wine and water, when mixed cannot be separated. He lives His life in and through you by His Holy Spirit and you are empowered with the same power that raised Him from the dead – draw near and experience “The Way” my Son has made for you, through His sacrifice.”

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