Prophecy – 7th March 2021

Amanda’s Word

I have had a song on my heart since hearing it on impact radio since Friday and in fact Lily and I sang it in the car on Friday and it lifted me up closer to the father. I woke this morning hearing it. Every praise is to our God Every word of worship in one accord Every praise, every praise is due our God. I thought on this this morning as I sought the lord. Is our every praise to God, is our every thought praise to our God, is our every action to our God …? I searched scripture about praise and this one stood out for me.
Eph 5:19 “singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs among yourselves and making music to the Lord in your hearts.” … I heard the word spontaneous – Which means …. Happening naturally without planning or encouragement ….

Sally’s Word

This morning the Holy Spirit spoke into my Spirit – and he said … Open up the gates and let the King of glory in – and I had a vision of Gates springing open – locked Gates, magnetic gates, gates in prisons and gates of our hearts – and I believe God saying to us …..
Open every gate and every ancient door, and allow Me to enter in, In all My glory – All is naked and open before me – so surrender and release those doors and gates that you have had under lock and key. Your hopes, your dreams, your relationships – the very fibre of your being – I’m here to receive all of you. All of you – your past those things that are shameful and hurtful – your joys is your victories, your investment of time and Resources, I desire them all, I desire a clean slate and a body soul and spirit surrendered to me. When you are done without hope, without resources, sick and downhearted, I am just beginning – Open up your gates, open up your gates – those things that have kept you bound, those chains that restrict and come forth on this significant day in your life. I’m here to receive you, All of you.

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