Prophecy – September 26th

September 26th          Sally’s Word

This morning I had a vision of a busy factory – many workers on the production floor, each playing their part in the sequence of events and the Lord spoke … and I believe it was a word for all of us and he said …

“ I love you my treasured ones – work was ordained from the garden of Eden when I instructed Adam to till the soil and it is for each one up until today. Have I not said work while it is still day, because night is coming when no one can work – but today I’m asking “How do you do, what I have given you to do?” Is it with due-diligence and reluctance? Do you sense discontent with your lot? Are you the salt of the earth and a light in darkness or are you responding with like attitude to those that dishonor my calling and work with a bad attitude? At the end of the day do you feel satisfied and well pleased with your labor, was it done unto me? When you work with hearts of love the things you do have an eternal perspective. Only these things remain faith, Hope and Love! What will be left from the years you have poured into work? I love you!”

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