Prophecy – March 20th

Prophetic Word for the Church

20th March 2022

Des’ Word

The word I had for Church on the way I was sitting on in my office the other morning and it was about 5:00 o’clock and I saw the MSC ship coming into harbor, it was dark, it was the MSC because it had so many lights on it, and I know what time they come in, in the Morning. As the ship was arriving I felt the Lord say to me as I was praying for you as a church – get on board, your ship is here, get on board. It’s a new dawn a new season God has a purpose and a strategy for this church. Whilst I continued to pray into this, He gave me a monochromatic picture. Sort of a bird’s eye view of an area, it wasn’t any particular area, but just a bird’s eye view of an area – and He said to me, So as I was watching this picture not just praying into this monochromatic it’s where there’s brownish blackish color picture – it’s lifeless, it’s like it’s a desert, it’s dead.  As I continued to pray life started to slowly seep in from the corners and started giving this picture life color. And I felt God saying to me – Life is beginning to change this area of this church. Church on the way is going to begin to start changing and bringing life to this area that you’re in.

Tanya’s Word

I got the Word “Church on the way” – and I got two pictures – the one picture of when you say church on the way – it can mean that you are in / on the road moving in a new direction or moving in a direction OR it could be – church on the way where you are sitting as spectators watching something else and just watching life go by. I feel like God is saying it to you as a church – where are you at? Have you got comfortable in sitting and letting life go and watching things happen but not actually getting in into the race finishing the race getting on with what God has got for you? I feel like God is saying to you today as and I feel like to confirm what Des is saying – I feel like there’s a choice, I feel like it’s a new season, I feel like you’re going into a place where you know you as a church need to make that choice (I’m not saying you’re not walking forward) but I feel like there may be some people here that have got quite comfortable and I feel like God is saying to you get onto the road get into the race again, because I’m wanting to take you further and you can only go further if you’re all going together. You need to take the whole group with you and I feel like if there’s anyone here who’s been holding back and thinking I’m just comfortable here don’t rock my little boat, it’s just where I want to be – I feel like God is saying today – Are you ready to know to get rocked again, because there’s so much more, there is that life you take into the community, beyond the community into the nations around you and I feel like you as a church have got that choice to make. Just as you say to God yes it’s me I want to be part of that race rather than just the spectator I feel like you’re going to see a new life coming into this church I feel like there’s going to be growth like you haven’t seen before, I feel like that you’re going to have to get more chairs I don’t know where all your chairs are but I feel like you’re going have to put them out again,  and you’re going have to get ready because God is wanting to send in the people that need to be loved that need to be cared for that need to be re-built, God is wanting to send in the people of the different colors of the different nationalities of the different persuasions. He IS wanting to send in the old people but he also wants to send in the young people and I feel like there are people here that are in the youth age, I feel like you need to stand up because I feel like God is saying to you I am wanting to use you and leadership, I feel like the days of just the old people in leadership have come to an end (not just say we don’t have them) but I feel like in this church God is wanting to raise up those young people that are going to be elders that even though they only 18 or they’re only 17 but they will be elders because God is going to put an anointing on them for wisdom and as they walk with the older people they’re going to learn, but at the same time they’re going to give and so I really feel like they’re people that have been sitting here quite comfortable and God is saying – I’m pulling you out, I’m pulling you out – as you choose to walk closer to Mark and the elders and I choose to say here I am and avail yourself I feel like God is going to use you Mightily, God is going to use you Mightily. Are you Ready?

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