Prophecy – November 14th

November 14TH                        Sally’s Word

This morning I had a vision of land being prepared for planting. The fallow ground had been turned for planting and fertilizer had been spread and workers were preparing to sow the seed and I believe God is saying to us …

“My people, I love you, please enlist to be Sowers of the seed – no outcome can be expected if the seed is not planted. The time is now – the fellow ground has been prepared – circumstances have caused there to be a readiness to receive – conditions have been harsh and challenging and many are looking for a solution to the plight – they do not know which way to turn and you have the answers to their desperation – their hearts are troubled – lead them to the fountain of life where they can drink deeply and be refreshed and find rest for the troubled souls. I will give comfort and rest and enable them to face tomorrow with fortitude and encourage. Be diligent and be sowing, and ready to give a hand to those who are floundering You are the lot which will dispel their darkness”

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