Prophecy – January 16th

January 16th                            Sally’s Word

In a vision God showed me a bonfire at the beach and this family CWay were involved and so busy!! Some were gathering driftwood up on the sand dunes, where it was dry, others were unpacking baskets of snacks, some had bellows to fan into flame the embers that were flickering, other head ‘throws’ to ward off the night chill and the children were putting marshmallows on skewers – it was a buzz and I sense God saying ….

“My children I love you I have put you in families, whether blood families or spiritual families and it is my plan that you flow as ONE – just as I and the father of one – lock in and share your giftings, talents and passions – each one enhancing the whole, by putting wind in one another’s sails, providing of your substance, praying for one another – making every effort to know and love your brothers and sisters, tending the sick and uplifting the orphans and widows. Joy and contentedness come when you follow the ancient paths and obey my Clarion call!”

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