To know our LORD JESUS CHRIST and make HIM known


Partner with HOLY SPIRIT

Welcome to Church on the Way       We are meeting Online

Dear All

Under the current restrictions we are meeting as His Church Online.

Its been an incredible opportunity to use technology to connect. Moving to Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp and YouTube has been the way we are endevouring to continue to “Know our Lord Jesus Christ and make Him known.”  This opportunity has been with its challenges but as we have persevered we are breaking ground in this season.

We continue to meet primary in “Church in the Home” for our family meetings; these meetings are through the week and please contact us to join in for fellowship.

We meet to pray on Wednesdays for Pray at 7pm (MS Teams) and Sundays at 9am for Church Online and 10.15am for Children (MS Teams and YouTube Live.) Please subscribe to YouTube “Church on the Way Modderfontein”; you will receive notifications of meetings.

A daily word of encouragement is posted on our WhatsApp group. Should you not be part of this Group, yet wish to? Please contact one of the Elders or Robbie at rob@cway.org.za

We will keep praying. Let’s keep standing against this disease and the forces of evil behind it.

In the meantime prepare for what is ahead, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

This is a great time to grow in your intimacy and relationship with our Lord Jesus. A time to pray. A time study His Word. A time to love. A time to witness. Lets be hearing what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church in this time.

Lots of Love
Mark on behalf of the eldership team

We are on a journey to know our Lord Jesus Christ and make Him known. We are reliant on God the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus in us and through us. We believe He is the Savior of the world and in believing in and following Him as Lord we will walk in a knowledge and understanding of the fullness of His Life He has given us. This gift of eternal Life is a gift of His grace. In this knowing we purpose to love Him, others and ourselves.  May we attain all that He has destined for us.

Steps to peace with God  

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Meeting Times


Family Meeting: 9 -10am

Children’s Church: 10:15 -11am

Connect through on MS Teams and YouTube Live.

Please Subscribe to our YouTube Channel – “Church on the Way Modderfontein”

Link for YouTube Channel:  https://youtu.be/jTEcVvZ1xaw

Sunday’s Message: Go to Resource Library > Sermons


Church@Prayer: 7 – 8pm

Connect through MS Teams

Teaching: 8-9pm

To join Church@Prayer please contact Robbie at rob@cway.org.za for MS Teams link

Church in the Home

See Church Life>Church in the Home for Leaders overseeing

For any further details you may require: contact rob@cway.org.za

Where to find us

Church on the Way
1 Casino Road