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The Prophetic Voice

5th May                                                 A Shopping Trolley Laden with Gifts

I saw a Shopping Trolley laden with gifts and I sense God is saying …..

I am here to indulge you with what you have always longed for, but you have to believe and receive. I am a good Father and delight in giving to my children and I am asking you to come with expectation and determination to receive from me. I have wellness for bodies that are sick, hope for those who have given up. There are spiritual gifts that are in abundance, employment for those seeking employment, friendships for the lonely, reconciliation for those torn apart by broken relationships, food for the hungry, my store houses are full and my arm is not short. You have not because you ask not. I am the God of plenty …. Believe and receive, come with expectation and thankful hearts, and you may take of what is mine. I have everything you need, I am El Shaddai the God of plenty. My grace is sufficient